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Cal Poly Performing Arts Center San Luis Obispo
Cal Poly Performing Arts Center San Luis Obispo
Cal Poly Performing Arts Center San Luis Obispo
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Hotel Buena Vista is barely a mile away from the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center. This fabulous gala holds an array of different events, each of them carefully crafted for the viewer’s enjoyment. Plays, musicals, stand-up comedies, and music all grace their halls.

The Cal Poly Performing Arts Center has two venues: the Christopher Cohan Center and the Alex & Faye Spanos Theatre. The Christopher Cohan Center is the larger of the two, as it’s comprised of many different venues, and can seat around two thousand patrons. The Alex & Faye Spanos Theatre only seats around five hundred.

The Sidney Harman Hall is also home to the Forbes Pipe Organ. Organs are beautiful and rare, as they can weigh over twenty tons, and must have a sanctified room to hold them. The dream of the Forbes Pipe Organ took over twenty years to realize, from the Performing Arts Center’s conception in 1986 to the first concert held with it in 2007. The old-fashioned, enticing instrument resonates throughout the Harman Hall, and is a major attraction to all music-lovers.

The Performing Arts Center was built with unity in mind — the goal was to create something magnificent that would benefit the entire community of San Luis Obispo. Since 1986, the collaboration between The Foundation for Performing Arts Center, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and the City of San Luis Obispo has created a lucrative performing arts hub in the city.

For more information, visit the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center’s website here.