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San Luis Obispo Wine Country
San Luis Obispo Wine Country
San Luis Obispo Wine Country
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Hotel Buena Vista is on the edge of the Wine Country of San Luis Obispo. Tours or rented buses can ferry you to and from Hotel Buena Vista and the many different wineries beautiful SLO has to offer.

There are many different tour companies, but a fantastic one is the Central Coast Food and Wine Tours. They’re dedicated to you having a safe, fabulous time in the San Luis Obispo wine country visiting some of the many different wineries and vineyards available for tastings, as you can view on the map here.

Most of the wineries in SLO are accredited with Sustainability in Practice (or SIP.) These practices include habitat conservation, energy efficiency, pest management, and water conservation. This allows farmland and the land of the community to live together and harmony — and lessens the impact of the wineries on the environment. During this harrowing drought, it’s important to support those that are looking out for the greater good, opposed to profit margins alone.

The San Luis Obispo Wine Country is made up of almost two hundred wineries, and all have their own unique flavor. Talley Vineyards, for example, is a family-owned winery, and the family gives back as much as it can to their community. They specialize in chardonnay and pinot noir, and have charity wines, as well, including the Mano Tinta label which supports The Fund for Vineyard and Farm Workers, a fund that benefits farm workers in San Luis Obispo County. SLO is also home to the Niner Wine Estates, who are renown for their unique Bordeaux blend “The Fog Catcher.” There are many, many more wineries in this hub, and exploring each and every one is a must for wine enthusiasts.

For more information on San Luis Obispo’s lush wine country, visit their website here.